Pedro Cezar, known as CZAR, is a DJ and electronic music producer from São Paulo, Brazil. At 23 years old, he is carving out his place among the top artists in the electronic music scene.

Driven by his incredible passion for the genre, CZAR embarked on an unwavering journey to master his craft, continuously honing his skills and refining his techniques. Thanks to his dedication within the Brazilian electronic music scene, CZAR’s recent releases have amassed an impressive 30,000 plays. With an innovative vision and boundless ambition, CZAR is on a mission to solidify his artistic trajectory, not only in Brazil but also on a global scale.

The CZAR project is more than just numbers and statistics. It is a deep exploration of sound, a creative odyssey that blends beats with a unique artistic style. His music transcends boundaries, taking listeners on a journey that defies expectations and pushes the limits of conventional genres.

With a bright future ahead and an ever-evolving sound, CZAR is poised for global ascent.