[EXCLUSIVE] CZAR is interviewed by We Go Out

The text below was taken from We Go Out and translated into English:

With over six years of experience in the electronic music scene, Pedro Cezar, the name behind the CZAR project, has been crafting an identity focused on beats with a distinctive groove and basslines with distinctive characteristics that make his music increasingly authentic. Passionate about Tech House, the DJ and producer believes that this subgenre is perfect for clubs because it has such a danceable vibe that it’s practically impossible to stand still.

One of the results of his work as a music producer is the release of the track “Starling,” which came out on Thursday, June 3rd and was inspired by the small Starling bird, which has breathtakingly bright plumage and a strong and sudden flight. The record label signing the track is Bass Box Recordings, a sub-label of Deep Bear Recordings.

In addition to “Starling,” the artist is also the creator of tracks like “Sick,” “Dancefloor,” and “Their House,” and has accumulated performances at various well-known venues in São Paulo, such as Espaço das Américas, Transamérica Expo Center, CLUB A Moema, The Year, Teatro Mars, and High Line.

We took the opportunity to have a chat with CZAR to learn more about his Tech House influences, including artists, record labels, and events, as well as his creative process and more. Check it out:

CZAR, pleasure to speak with you! We’ve noticed from your productions and sets that you’ve established a strong connection with Tech House. Can you tell us which artists currently inspire you and serve as references for your productions?

The current generation of artists that I’m personally enjoying and see standing out with their highly energetic productions includes Martin Ikin, Biscits, Dom Dolla, Sidepiece, Chris Lake, Fisher, and the newest addition to this list, John Summit. These artists are by far the best references I have for producing my music due to their groovy basslines and beats that complement each other very well, and the techniques used in this style make each track unique.

Which Tech House record labels do you follow and would like to release your tracks on?

In addition to Tech House artists, there are some record labels (from which I dream of releasing a track, haha) that I’m really enjoying their recent releases. They are Insomniac Records, Repopulate Mars, Black Book Records, and The Myth of NYX. In my opinion, anyone who enjoys this subgenre should definitely follow the playlists of these record labels!

Which events, clubs, and parties do you believe have contributed to strengthening Tech House in Brazil?

Talking about the famous parties (which we haven’t been to for a while, sadly), the clubs I’m most excited to play at, where I feel a strong connection, and that everyone probably knows are Laroc, Green Valley, Privilège, and not to forget the NAFF parties and the massive Só Track Boa. The atmosphere in these places is insane, and the vibe is indescribable.

Do you believe Tech House will continue to thrive in the Brazilian electronic music scene after the return of events?

Considering a scenario where everything returns to normal (and I hope it happens soon), I see the Tech House scene in Brazil growing significantly in the coming years. Considering that the pandemic left us with almost 2 years without dancefloors, many producers changed their sound with all that free time or dove headfirst into production. I can include myself in that category, as I was able to stop and think about what I really wanted to play and produce, and as you can see, the answer is pretty obvious by now.

How do you go about crafting your set, and has the pandemic in any way changed your production style or performance?

The current situation has allowed us to take a breather and understand more about ourselves, which led me to further refine my sets. Time has enabled me to develop more techniques and realize that the collection of songs in a set should tell a captivating story that engages the audience. The main factors that show it’s me up there, playing and dancing like crazy, in addition to my passion for what I do, are the choice of the right song at the right moment, but with an eye on the future. What do I mean by that? Before playing a show, I always imagine myself there, thinking about the energy, happiness, excitement, and moments. I align the songs, and when I start playing, it feels like I’ve already lived that moment, and everything goes smoothly. At first, there’s that nervousness, wondering if people will enjoy it, but when you plug in the USB, you’re seen through the music you’re playing, and it feels like everything is in your favor.

To wrap it up, how would you describe the track “Starling”?

My main inspiration for “Starling” was a small bird with dazzling plumage and a strong, sudden flight. The music captures the key characteristics of this bird, with leads and synthesizers designed to emulate its brilliance. The buildup of tension and the release of energy in the track were inspired by the bird’s flight. When I’m producing, I make various changes that often shift the direction of a track drastically from where it started. In the case of this track, the creative process was so quick that I sort of already knew where I wanted to go with it.

Listen to CZAR’s track “Starling” on Bass Box Recordings, now available on major streaming platforms.